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5 Unique Cashmere Tops And Sweater For Women

Wearing cashmere is always coveted and cozy for a woman. Cashmere is literally great wool that is originated from Kashmir, a heavenly state of India. Kashmir goats are the one


How wearing gold has a relaxing effect on the body?

Gold is the most sought-after metal, especially in India, where women have an undying love for this yellow jewellery. You just need a small occasion, be it the wedding or


Fashion: Not just a label but a form of self-expression

Fashion is about expressing oneself in the best manner. Nowadays, the designers are concentrating more on the practical aspects of fashion. The fashion industry is focused on developing clothes that


Collection of Women and Men’s Clothing for Church Wear

If you have heard of Dorinda Clark Cole Suits, then you know that she is a renowned Grammy winning gospel singer as well as an evangelist in America. She has


Science fiction and fashion: a collaboration in future and present

When first ever science fiction movie was released in 1902, people first imagined a future with a different view than that present. With the advancements in technology, people saw their


Face Primer – A Complete Guide

Makeup is important for numerous individuals. For such a task, there are different types of cosmetic products used by individuals. Some people are facing issues with the time period of


The History of Jeans: A Timeline

We all love our jeans, regardless its color, style and shape. Have you ever wondered the history of this handy and trendy daily wear? Well, the evolution of jeans from


For Me, the Best Online Fashion Platform in Singapore Is Tangs.Com

I love to shop. To me, it’s the best past time and stress reliever ever. I particularly love to shop for dresses and cute accessories that can go with any