Customize Your Wedding: You Can Do If You Really Want To Do It

Customize Your Wedding: You Can Do If You Really Want To Do It

Wedding is only a couple’s business. They can have it the way they want it whether it is about destination wedding or about in-city wedding. We always have seen that in India people spend more money on their weddings to make them glam and sparky show. It is like people in India want their weddings to be best in every way they want. They don’t hesitate in spending more money on it. For them it is like once in life. But today’s generation don’t prefer spending more money. They believe in saving means not spending unnecessarily. They think that a wedding is a close affair and they do not want to go with society old norms and all. For them, if something is theirs, they want it in their way whether it is a wedding or something else. Nowadays new generation believes in customizing and personalizing their weddings in a style they want. They do not believing in following old ways. It is new and of course, no more extra unnecessary spending of money.

So here are some ideas by which you can customize and personalize your wedding:

Outfits: not grooms but brides spend lot of money on outfits on their wedding. They want to look like a queen on the final day like princess Padmavati. Because there are a number of ceremonies in Indian weddings, there are new outfits for each one. They change and change and wear new. If you want you save your lot of money by not spending so much money on the wedding outfits. You can buy for the final day but for wedding ceremonies you can use your usual day to day designer wears. It is not like that in costly wears you will look more beautiful; it is only your beauty that makes everything beautiful! So millennial save the money and enjoy the wedding the way they want.

Décor: what you think décor is? It is all about creativity and aesthetics. It is not about that you have to use 5 lakh rupees of chandelier in your wedding, then only you will wed! On wedding décor you can also save lot of money by customizing and personalizing it. You only need to choose an exotic location. Choose one, for it; of course, you have to spend certain amount of money! And decorate that location by using some fresh flowers and some fake. You decide what fake you want to use. Cheats are always there! And use your creativity. There are lots of stuff in home that can be used for wedding décor. Assemble your creative friends and say them to decorate your wedding location.

Food: Oh! Sometimes people do freaky show of wedding menu. They create a confusing wedding menu of dishes where guests get confused what they want to eat and what they don’t want to. Though they want to taste all the dished but admit this fact that one cannot taste all the dishes in a wedding. Hence only a wedding menu of the dishes you like, that you also want to eat and want your guests to eat tool. Yeah, you can have some two and three best tasty savory desserts, which can be main attraction of the wedding or one exotic dish that all guests love to savor. Personalizing and customizing can help a lot.

Jewelry: jewelry is Indians’ never-let-go charm and it could be guessed that perhaps women cannot live without it. As we all know that there are always deep cultural values in India deep rooted in every family. Their traditional jewelry is also culturally designed ones. And one of the main things is that Indian traditional jewelry is bit heavy in weight; you can ask, necks feel the pain. Hence by spending less on jewelry you can also save lot of money because heavy jewelry cannot be worn in day to day life. Light customized jewelry is the alternative for you for the wedding day. And the benefit is, wear it whenever you want it. And if you really want a heavy one, then it is all your pockets that speak.

At the end there are no ways if you really do not want to customize and personalize your wedding; if you really don’t want to do it. Everything depends on you and the choices you make. Decide what kind of wedding you want, how you want, enjoy it and get wed with love of your life. Besides all, if you are searching for destination wedding venues in Jaipur, there are beautiful and exotic ones that you can book for your wedding. Jaipur is the great cultural city of India.

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