For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse

Closing with Christmas where New Year ’s Eve is around the corner, the festivities demand a whole new perspective to love and sharing. So how many would consider a love doll to start a year wholly new again? And with the latest in technology alongside the best artisans and craftsmen, these gorgeous companions are becoming more and more desirable aged in design. Of late, many manufacturers are allowing a new trend and aspect in customizing the doll looks to that of your favorite porn star or anime slash manga fantasy.

But these lovely ladies come in a range of material and options. Have you considered what would be suited to your needs and values?

TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is lately the most common material available widely in the market. This polymer mixture of plastic and rubber make the doll more economical and therefore affordable to the common masses.

The other polymer of course is silicone rubber which is more expensive agent but warranties a longer lifespan.

Considering the dynamism of an approach in realism, TPE is better sought as compared to Silicone dolls. This is because TPE is a technology developed of late and mixed with the advantages offered by the ingenuity of the doll makers appears sensually more realistic. There is also the latest of trends offered by many vendors and manufacturers a chance to customize the entire doll from head to toe to the owners liking. And the flesh appeals as it far realistic as compared to Silicone. Not to mention, cost effective as well in the longer run or the broader picture.

Silicone dolls on the other hand are of a tried and tested technology which assures a longer lifespan as compared to any other material on the market. It is more resistant to stains, and assuredly easier to maintain as it is easier to clean considering it’s resistance to heat, temperature and water. If maintained well by the owner, a doll of this quality cast last a lifetime. Which is why even though it comes at a higher price, it still retains it demand in the value it offers. Most owners if not all tend to favor a particular favorite which has values in sentiment and emotional attachments.

Considering the reviews of many doll owners, TPE as a material is often stumbled upon by new owners and likely to be damaged because of the learning and the coping mechanisms. Many naïve owners often take it bath as to skip on the clean-up aftercare and tend to bathe the doll in high temperatures unknown that TPE could melt at the prospect.

 After a few weeks of moisture and bad storage, the flesh tends to become more sticky and gummy to touch or feel. However if maintained proper, it allows for more positions as the material is flexible in comparison to silicone. Even the real sex doll flesh has a bounce to it making the experience entire more sensual in its appeal per say.

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