For Me, the Best Online Fashion Platform in Singapore Is Tangs.Com

For Me, the Best Online Fashion Platform in Singapore Is Tangs.Com

I love to shop. To me, it’s the best past time and stress reliever ever.

I particularly love to shop for dresses and cute accessories that can go with any dress I buy. While buying dresses is one of my biggest passions, it becomes tiring when there are a lot of people in the mall and you have to wait in long queues and brush shoulders with other shoppers in a crowded store.

Long lines and bumping into people don’t help relieve stress, and as a bank manager, I have enough stresses at work that I don’t want to add any more when I shop. That’s why I decided to go shopping online instead since it was the new trend.

While I was looking for an online fashion platform in Singapore, I came across, the online platform of Tangs department store in orchard road. I decided to check if they have good products on their platform since the ones I saw didn’t exactly have a good line up of products.

While I was searching on their website, I saw a few things I wanted to buy, like an Ulaemma slide sandals, a short dress from Vera Moda, and even an indigo card wallet that goes well with my floral outfit. When I saw that they had a really awesome line up of products, I said to myself “this is it! This is my online shopping store!”

So I decided to sign up on the website. Fortunately, I was already a Tangs preferred member and I would be able to enjoy the perks of the membership.

One of the best perks of being a tangs preferred member is that I get free shipping when I spend over $100 for a single purchase. And because I buy a lot of things when I shop, there’s no way my purchases go below $100.

Another nice perk I get from my membership is the 10{1e24817553d30cb0aeda2495c3426828600ead247a0d1d153fbdae882008bfb4} rebate I get for every $10 I spend in Tangs. It’s a really big rebate and I get the best out of my purchases. I’ve been able to use the rebates while I was purchasing in the store, and I’m really glad that it also works in the online platform.

Since I decided to go online, buying dresses and shopping in Singapore became really easy. I didn’t need to deal with long lines and large crowds anymore. Shopping became stress-free. And when I’m in Tangs Department store, I don’t need to go through the shelves anymore. I just have to purchase online and collect in the store. It’s really awesome.

Thanks to all the perks I get as a Tangs member, I rarely go to the mall now. However, I still enjoy shopping from the comforts of my home and that’s all that really matters to me.

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