How wearing gold has a relaxing effect on the body?

How wearing gold has a relaxing effect on the body?

Gold is the most sought-after metal, especially in India, where women have an undying love for this yellow jewellery. You just need a small occasion, be it the wedding or the festival season, women will find a reason to buy gold jewellery. Also, during the festive season like Dhanteras, many reputed Jewelers give a hefty discount. For instance, gold chain price list goes down by roughly 10{1e24817553d30cb0aeda2495c3426828600ead247a0d1d153fbdae882008bfb4}. Almost 40{1e24817553d30cb0aeda2495c3426828600ead247a0d1d153fbdae882008bfb4} of the gold ornaments are bought in India. People buy gold for various reasons, but only a few people are aware that gold has more benefit on health by wearing than investing in them.

Benefits of wearing gold

  • Gold keeps the skin fresh and youthful and prevents it from different skin diseases. Since the Roman era, gold has been worn by prince and princesses to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.
  • Gold helps in regulating the body temperature and keeps the immune system strong and working. Those who suffer from chills, hot flashes or night sweats are advised to wear gold to maintain the temperature of the body.
  • Not only that, but gold also helps in improving the blood circulation in the body.
  • Gold is also known as good de-stressor. It can uplift the mental attitude and improve the emotional state. It also helps in reducing depression.
  • In India, it is believed that buying and wearing gold brings fortune and good luck to the family, thus relieving you from the mental stress.
  • Going with the myths and astronomical beliefs, wearing gold finger rings or gold bangles designs with weight and price as instructed by astronomers can bring stability and discipline to your life. As gold signifies Sun, it resembles power and strength which further enhances the life of a person who wears it.
  • Gold possesses an energy that brings warmth and soothing vibrations to your body to aid the healing.
  • Ayurveda uses gold to treat the sexual debility in a person. It is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac when combined with herbs like Ashwagandha.

Gold has been used for millions of centuries and its value has increased since. Gold is worn as a style statement and wherever you go, this yellow metal will attract almost every eye towards itself. Gold is the most precious and one of the rare metals in the world. It is that old metal which has held its value and worth for so many years and never lost anything. When we say gold, our natural inclination is towards the stock market, but gold has its own spiritual, medical and psychological benefits that cannot be ignored. Ayurveda has been using gold for thousands of years to heal and purify the body. Psychologically, gold has the ability to calm the mind and bring positivity to our life. Gold is something you can never say no to; once you start wearing gold or owning it, there is no going back. It is the metaphysical ability of gold that it attracts wealth and you just cannot have enough.

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