Interesting Tales of Dating an Independent Women

Interesting Tales of Dating an Independent Women

Dating Independent Women in Singapore

Girls are now being raised and taught to be a strong independent woman with whom boys generally don’t feel to keep their tabs on. Using popular Singapore dating apps, it is hard to find a suitable boy for dating. Even if they, as per the dating norms, it is expected from independent girls that they should not pay half share of the bill. This has now become convention that if you want to go for second base with that guy, then girls even if they are independent, they should let boys pay for them.


These ideas and fake conventions have now become two opposing ends of magnetic dating rules and constantly has been raising several questions in the head. If an independent woman let a man pay for her, will that be accounted as a message for being anti-feminist and if they reject their proposal nicely, then it would intercept as the girl being advantageous of the situation.

As per the survey, many men in Singapore have felt that if they don’t let a woman pay for the first day then it would make them happy and impressed and there is no way they think that woman is stubborn and rude. Even though, some independent women feel discomfort when a guy on date won’t let them pay.


Question about Empowering Feminism Notion

Many men have claimed that sometimes they feel being under pressure when it comes to being equivalent while paying for bills. And so, expecting from men only to pay for a meal on the date is obscuring the concept of empowering girls ideas, feminism etc. The gender equality should not be played all the time and letting a guy pay for a free meal is not entirely a supporting idea. Several women claims being feminist but even they failed to follow it several times. Being raised as a strong Millennial in Singapore, it has become difficult for people to accept the instilled truth and values.

Learn to be Courteous and Gracious on a Date

Sometimes, discussing a topic with lots of ifs and buts can take a person back and forth and waste a lot of their time. So, even for a strong and independent woman, accepting the defeat of their feminist values in the form of a gift can sometimes be a learning skill which makes both people feel comfortable and relaxed with each other on a date.

In fact, letting the guy pay for a strong woman on a date is a courteous act and it should be regarded as a valuable action. The small gesture of paying the bill taken by the guy should be intercepted as the wishful thought from the man stating that he liked your company and he is showing his appreciation for the time you have spent with him.

However, being a strong and independent woman in the 21st century and letting a guy pay for you, both these statements are not contradicting each other. This understatement should be regarded as a positive sign of strength and confidence that has made both people feel comfortable with one another. More details can be found at

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