Jewelry Etiquette: How to Wear Jewelry to Look Classy and Stylish

Jewelry Etiquette: How to Wear Jewelry to Look Classy and Stylish

The popularity of jewelry has increased over a passage of time. It has become a symbol of femininity and even social status. Jewelry comes in ample varieties. It can be a necklace, bracelets, earrings. It can make a woman feel more beautiful and gorgeous and can bring out the style and confidence within her.

When the right jewelry are worn on the right occasion, it can highlight the women’s personality and best features. However, overdoing it can ruin a perfect outfit. So how should a woman wear jewelry to look classy and stylish? Read on.

Pick one statement piece

If you wear a statement necklace, make sure to keep the other jewelry subdue. Pair your statement necklace with simple earrings or no earrings at all. It holds the same for statement bracelets and earrings.

Layer with Caution

The jewelry you wear can either make or break your outfit. Wearing too little can make you look plain, but piling a lot of them can give you unwanted attention. Mix and match the jewelry but keep its balance. If you choose to wear a chunky bracelet, pair it with a thin and delicate necklace. You can also pair necklace by wearing short and long together.

Know how to wear jewelry sets

Matching your earrings and ring set is fine. However, you will overkill the look if you will also add bracelet and necklace. When wearing jewelry sets, make sure to coordinate and compliment each other.

Mix and Match Fine and Contemporary Jewelries

You can steal Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis style of mixing costume pieces with fine jewelry. The key to this is to create a high-low balance technique. Jackie kept her look elegant by choosing sophisticated designs that didn’t clash the rest of the jewelry.

Match with the Manicure

Surely, a bold ring can add a boost to your outfit which draws attention to your hands. Well, in this case it is important to consider the nails as well. Make sure your nails are clean and polished. Should you want to add color, opt for colors that complement your ring.

Everyday Jewelry

Some pieces of jewelry are acceptable to wear most of the time. If you are married, the wedding band is fine to wear everyday and is perfectly normal. A wristwatch is also acceptable if you want to keep track of the time and prefer not to use the phone. Ear piercing is also great if you want to go with the trend as a lot of woman are opting for this fashion statement.

Office Jewelry

When you choose to wear jewelry to work, opt for pieces that aren’t distracting and noisy. You can still express your individuality but avoid wearing anything that might offend the clients or higher-ups.

If you are working in a conservative office, it is a good idea to opt for stud earrings that complement your outfit.

You can wear small hoops and stud earrings dare if you are working in a less conservative environment as they don’t sparkle nor make noises when you move.

Larger earrings are acceptable in a more creative environment. However, make sure they are not noisy and distracting. Do not blind your coworkers by wearing extra large rhinestones that sparkle too bright. Save it after the working hours.


Trends in wearing jewelry come and go, but there are basic guidelines to guide you as not to spoil your look. When selecting and matching jewelry, it is also important to consider the proper attire and the occasion to make sure you get positive attention.

Following the right etiquette in wearing jewelry, can enhance your overall look and project the fashion statement you want to achieve. Heed on the advice above to guide you through your goal.

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