Learn Some of the Interesting Facts about Pearls  

Learn Some of the Interesting Facts about Pearls   

Pearl is one of the most elegant, beautiful and affordable jewelry pieces in the market. The best part of this jewelry piece is that it is available in different colors and looks best on both traditional and informal occasions. These marvelous jewelry pieces are referred as the Queen of Jewels. There are several interesting facts about pearls that every pearl lover would be keen to know.


–  Natural pearls are the rarest jewels in the world


Statistics show that less than one in every ten thousand wild oysters has pearls in it. Despite the increase in the number of cultured pearls, the number of wild oysters is not fully recovered. This makes it quite understandable why natural pearls are considered to be the rarest jewelry pieces on the earth.  Check this website to know more about pearl facts.


–  The first synthetic circular pearl was made by Kokichi Mikimoto


Kokichi Mikimoto has the credit to create a cultivated pearl. Mikimoto’s findings helped in fulfilling the demand of pearls in the global demand in a sustainable way. People have begun to choose less expensive and more circular pearls.


–  99{1e24817553d30cb0aeda2495c3426828600ead247a0d1d153fbdae882008bfb4} of pearls that are present on the market are cultured


Kokichi Mikimoto was the first person to create the 1st cultured pearl. Presently, nearly all the jewels present on the local and online store are cultured. This is because almost all real pearls have been harvested. Not all the superior quality pearls can make its way to the market.


–  La Peregrina is regarded as the most popular pearl


Le Peregrina is a pearl with a pear shape. It has a size of a small sized egg. Due to its distinctive shape and size, is mostly regarded as the most popular and historical pearls.


–  The price of the most expensive pearl is $100 Million


The most expensive pearl in the world is around 26 inches in length. It weighs around75 pounds and values $100 million.




Despite the longstanding popularity of jewel, there are several facts about pearls that most of the people are not aware of it. Learning about all these pearl facts will definitely enhance your knowledge about pearls.

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