Perfect Match: Hairstyles And Accessories

Perfect Match: Hairstyles And Accessories

How often does it happen that great outfits are spoiled by details? No, we don’t mean small parts of clothes. The experts of Cattifly claim a lot of fashionable sets are ruined because we try to match accessories with wrong hairstyles and vice versa. Have you ever done the same mistakes? Today we would like to find out what combinations work well in this case and what ideas are not the best ones here.

As far as the simplest way to do your hair is to leave them in their natural condition, we’ll start with this point. According to Cattifly, long hair looks awesome with almost all types of accessories, but there are still a few important things to mention. First, you need to make sure the accessories you choose are not hidden with the hair. Maybe it’s better if you leave very thin and extremely delicate models for other hairstyles instead. Moreover, be careful with intricate multi-layer accessories with long inserts – they can tangle with the hair and even damage them, so you’d better opt for the decorative stuff with short hair or more compact hairstyles. The owners of short hair don’t have to think about such nuances and can buy any accessories to their taste.

The guys from Cattifly mention elegant chains, pendants, V-shape and square necklaces will be your best friends if you like wearing ponytails. Need something more romantic – add a cute floral hair accessory as well.

The fans of Frech twists can stake on vintage and luxury. If you are going to wear something especially feminine, the experts of Cattifly recommend to opt for a dark silver necklace of a classy style or a model combining silver and gold to create especially chic outfit. In case you decide to make up a more rebellious combination, order a pair of statement earrings or match traditional long earrings with a tempting choker.

According to Cattifly, no matter how old-fashioned it appears for some of your friends, buns look perfect with all kinds of graceful pearl accessories. It can be a set including a string, bracelet and tiny earrings or just two of the items, but it’ll guarantee you success at any event. If you like boho style, you can actually break the rule and wear a twisted scarf or a necklace with feathers duplicated by similar hair accessories.

Those who enjoy having a bob, can play a lot with massive and super volumetric necklaces. The experts of Cattifly assure this kind of hair length is very comfortable in case you need to add extravagant or enormously big accessories.

And, of course, braids. In practice, they look good with the same models of accessories as French twists, however you need to take care of a bit less glam here.

So now you will never look strange while combining hairstyles with trendy necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Just a few guidelines – and you are almost a fashion guru.

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