Science fiction and fashion: a collaboration in future and present

Science fiction and fashion: a collaboration in future and present

When first ever science fiction movie was released in 1902, people first imagined a future with a different view than that present. With the advancements in technology, people saw their fantasies about the future come true on the screens. There have been even cases when any particular object was displayed in visual medium first and it came into existence afterwards.

Unfounded technological advancements displayed in sci-fi movies are responsible for advances in technology in modern world. Thus Science fiction movies are filled with predictions about future technology and ventures of future. Obviously sci-fi movies have had an impact on the future technology and future, but they have also had some remarkable impacts on present; mainly on science, technology and fashion.

How the collaboration in science fiction and fashion is collaboration in future and present?

  1. Sci-fi offers a way of life, a way to express your ideas and imaginations about future and so does the fashion. Fashion is not just a trend setter but also a very unique way to show the world how to live the future while being in present.
  2. Sci-fi is an idea which can change the society beyond our imaginations both culturally and technologically. And the fashion has the same potential to change the cultures of modern society.
  3. Sci-fi increases a want to learn and teach. And fashion can do the same in its own ways to make people see a better world.

Wearing a Science fiction shirt with a quote by ones ideal sci-fi character is appealing, makes one look a futurist, a dreamer who dreams for a better world.

Science fiction is fiction and fashion is a trend but they both have their ways to change the world, change the society into better something. Science fictions have saved cultures, build cultures and advanced cultures. The thoughts and quotes by the sci-fi characters have had a lot of influences on the people. Star trek helped relieve the tension of racism during the Civil Rights Movement by Martin Luther king junior.

So sci-fi and fashion make a good collaboration which define future and present together. It can make a change. A thought can make a change. You can make a change.

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