Struggle and initiation of the brand, Paul Marciano

Struggle and initiation of the brand, Paul Marciano

In 1952 Paul was born to a rich business family in Morocco. Paul with his family went to France and grew up with his four brothers are Armand, Maurice, Jacqueline, and Georges. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father all were Jewish scholar better known to be rabbis. After the early childhood, he joined Eclaireurs Israelites de France, which was a scout group for boys, with his brother. He enjoyed the life of a scout in his adolescence. But at the early teenage, at 15, involved in one severe motorcycle accident and forced to be in the wheelchair after reported that he would not walk again. But Paul had other intention and recovered completely after one year, but lost educational engagement. Went back to Israel and passed some part of his life in Kibbutz.

Business shut down to flourish new venture

He got into his family business of clothing and started taking part in the venture that was going by the name of MGA. In 1977 he went to Southern California with his brothers and was falling in love with the place. He was planning to stay in the United States, while the MGA was facing a closure for some political upheavals in Israel. The family business was closed in 1981 to be open with the rejuvenation in the same year. Marciano has an indomitable spirit has a striking resemblance with his choice of the clothing line. He was the re-founder of jeans that suggested the symbol of attitude. It was for Marciano that who knew the hardships of life; life was very simple when it came to business success. He knows the strategies. He knows the simple secrets of business and knows how to shore up the rate of profit and make people get attracted to his sense of fashion.

Marciano in his act of philanthropy

In the year 2013, Paul Marciano along with Maurice went for establishing the Paul Marciano Art Foundation. The duo had paid about $8 million for buying the Scottish Rite Masonic temple that is situated on the Wilshire Boulevard. Eve, the two brothers had thought of a broad plan of turning the temple into a museum that would be privately run after being designed by the painter Kulapat Yantrasast. He has moved towards the act of philanthropy ad given way to huge donations like $5.2 million to the community of Friends of Israel Defense Force.

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