The business women casual diva Blake Lively made nail art seem romantic

The business women casual diva Blake Lively made nail art seem romantic

Tragically, most of the celebrity relationships are short-lived. However, there is a Hollywood couple that continues to root each other. It’s none other than Blake Lively and the handsome Ryan Reynolds.  They have been shutting down rumors about their relationship by trolling each other on Instagram posts like pros.  But the two of them are always by each other’s side whenever in need. Let’s recall Deadpool 2’s premiere. Blake Lively was there to support her husband for his role as a superhero. She didn’t just support him by being present there but by wearing his face on her nails.

Blake Lively is more than just a women business casual diva

There is no doubt that Blake Lively is like no other when it comes to dressing. Even her street style is so inspiring. Many females copy her women business casual dressing. Lively seems to be a pro in everything.  Apart from maintaining her day job (as an actress), she has started her own e-commerce site named “Preserve” devoted to the creations and stories of artisans. She is involved in everything whether it is about raising capital for her website to its photography. Just like the world of fashion and glam, the tech world has embraced her. She believes there is a world of opportunities in business out there for women.  She has a strong personality and that is certainly depicted by her sense of style, fashion and lifestyle choices. We have seen her effortlessly pulling off so many casual business looks and she has not failed to impress anyone.

Deadpool 2 simple nail design was Blake Lively’s idea

Blake has a vision for everything. Her nail artist, Elle Gerstein, explained that the Deadpool 2 manicure was a thematic tribute to her husband and it was all Blake’s idea. Her nails were painted black. 3 of her nails were painted in white. To add some sparkle, Gerstein added Swarovski crystals to the x-force art on her index fingers. The red polish that was used to pain the Deadpool heart and face had tiny stones. She turned this simple nail design into something truly romantic.

This shows how talented the actress is and how she came up with her own way of supporting her partner by playing into the character. Now love like that is hard to find!

Only time will tell what kind of nail art Blake Lively is going to full off for the Pikachu movie. Don’t worry, she is not going to disappoint anyone. We wish the Gossip Girl good luck for her upcoming movies and business. In case you didn’t know, Lively dreams of going to Harvard too which is another reason to love this ambitious woman.

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